Cruisers Car Wash's mission is to provide the best quality car washing services in Port Pirie. Being one of the last stops before the highway, be sure to get in and get your car looking clean and shiny with our folllowing services:

  • 2 Touch Free Car Washes
  • 5 Self-Serve Bays
  • 5 Vacuum Stations
  • 2 Fragrance Machines
  • K900 Dog Wash
  • Vending machine Products while you wait
  • Car Detailing


These wonderful machines allow you to remain in your car and experience the car wash from behind the scenes! We understand that people have busy lives which is why we recommend the drive through, touch-free wash. The wash includes soap, scrub, dry and wax all from the comfort of your drivers seat!

If you like to take things into your own hands, we have 5 self serve bays suitable for all vehicle sizes! All fully equipped with a long hose, brushes for hard to reach areas, soap and sponges and much more!


One of our best selling services is the K900 Dog Wash! A fully secure vessel for your furry friend to get a refreshing wash while your car does too!

Fully equipped with a hose, pet wash, a dryer and a leash to attach those fidgety friends! Don't be afraid to leave your furry friend alone anymore at Cruisers Car Wash we are 100% pet friendly!